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Choosing childcare can be a very difficult decision.  As a parent you need to be absolutely confident about your choice and we hope you will agree with us that you have taken the first step in providing your child with an excellent start in their formative years.  We understand that you will want the highest standards of care and education for your child.  We are also sure that when you leave your child at nursery you will want to have total peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your child’s needs and requirements are being met in a homely and caring environment.
By constantly providing excellent levels of care and education Sunny Meadows Nursery has been awarded the Charter for Quality in early years and judged Outstanding by Ofsted.

Ofsted 2013 “Children are extremely motivated, avidly keen and eager to learn. They are provided with highly stimulating and enjoyable first hand learning experiences by staff who know them extremely well and have an excellent understanding of how children learn. Therefore, children’s individual learning and developing needs are significantly enhanced”


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