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Jelly Tots room

Rising 2’s- rising 3’s

Ratio 1:4

In the Jelly Tots room the practitioner’s aims are to develop your child’s independence, confidence, social skills, and physical abilities, in a way that enables your child to enjoy choosing activities and play independently.
Practitioners encourage and praise children’s efforts at becoming independent at every opportunity such as self-serving at meal times, toilet training and hand washing.  The development of choice making is incorporated within the continuous provision which is available daily emphasising choices.
Your child’s speech and language skills will be developing daily.  Practitioners in Jelly Tots help to develop these skills further by using running commentary, language based activities and providing your child with plenty of language opportunities daily.  The practitioners also ensure the environment supports language through the use of photos, pictures, and communication friendly spaces.
Jelly Tots is divided between three separate areas which provide the children with a variety of different age appropriate activities.  All three areas are accessible for the children to free flow between throughout the day.




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