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Meals, Fees and Tax Credits

All meals and snacks are cooked and prepared by the nursery cook. She holds a food hygiene certificate and uses excellent quality ingredients in all the recipes. No salt is used in the preparation of our meals.

The nursery does not provide formula milk; parents must bring sufficient quantities of formula already made in separate bottles or for staff to prepare. All bottles must be labelled with the child’s name. Packed lunch/tea may be brought from home labelled with the date and name of the child. Special Dietary requirements will be respected. Fresh drinking water is always available throughout the day.

Children are involved in messy activities, we do provide aprons but we can not guarantee full protection. A change of clothes for your child would be much appreciated for any accidents which may happen like toileting and activities also we ask you to label your child’s clothing especially coats to avoid loss. A consent form to change your child’s clothes is to be returned with your admissions form.

Loss and damages
The nursery cannot be responsible for loss or damage to any items brought from home so we would prefer children not to bring items which are not necessary to bring other than comfort items.

Fees are payable on the 1st of each month either by cheque, standing order or childcare voucher. Fees are paid in advance on a monthly basis. Parents/carers are charged for 48 weeks a year instead of 52 this covers all bank holidays, holidays and sickness. No days are refundable .i.e. bank holidays, snow days etc  

Childcare tax credit
If you are a working parent you could be entitled to money from the government to help you pay for childcare. To find out how much you are entitled to call the Inland Revenue tax credits helpline on 03453003900 or their website:
You will require the nursery registration number for your claim of tax credits please contact the manager for details.




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