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The outdoors offers all sorts of wonderful possibilities for play and development, allowing children to make the most of natural resources and work on a bigger scale than indoors.  In our garden we promote the growing and nurturing of plants and vegetables, along with a variety of open ended resources.
Our outdoor provision provides a wealth of resources which help our children to develop in a variety of ways, including independence, exploration and investigative skills, risk taking and self-esteem all of which support children to develop skills for now and the future.
The Early Years are a time of unrivalled personal discovery, in which each day holds the potential for adventure for a child and nowhere offers greater potential for adventure then the great outdoors.
Our outdoors provides the children with their very own mud kitchen which includes elements from indoor play but experiences are hugely enriched through the special nature of being outside and the ability to mix soil, water and other natural materials.  Children can see physical transformations but are encouraged to use the imagination to build on their experiences and subsequently develop expressive language.





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